Beside the known benefits of milk, we can also list the advantages of the goat milk which have been revealed
by scientific researches and facts, and based on reliable observations as following:
  • 1-The digestion of goat milk is easier than cow milk since its oil molecules are smaller and the coagulum which forms protein is softer.
  • 2-The easy digestion of goat milk protein occupies a practical and significant place in infant nutrition and diets of disabled persons.
  • 3-The easy digestion of goat milk is quite important for digestion process of infants, being already difficult under normal conditions, and also for ketosis and liver diseases seen among adults.
  • 4-The easy digestion and high B1, B2 vitamin content of goat milk are helpful for stress, tension, indigestion and constipation caused by neural reasons.
  • 5-The high "buffering" effect of goat milk is quite beneficial for digestion problems requiring the use of medicines and also for the treatment of peptic ulcer.
  • 6-The high "phosphate" content of goat milk makes a great contribution to nutrition in societies which do not consume sufficient meat and fish products just like our country.
  • 7-The allergic reaction -seen particularly among infants, causing instantaneous deaths and existing in cow milk and products- does no prevail in goat milk. Therefore, goat milk and its products might be helpful for infant nutrition.
  • 8-If goat milk composition is diluted with water in infant nutrition, it resembles to breast milk much more than the cow milk does in terms of composition.
  • 9-Consuming goat milk on a regular basis is beneficial for treatment of eczema, asthma, digestion disorders, some disorders and allergic situation related to varicose veins. Thus, the products made from goat milk are sold at special health shops with special prices in many European countries.
  • 10-Goat milk usually includes fewer micro-organisms compared to other kinds of milk. Furthermore, scentless goat milk with desirable properties can be produced and processed into high quality milk products.